Spread Kindness – It’s Free

2018-04-15-PHOTO-00000851I have been sitting on this blog for a while now, mainly due to studying and my unhealthy addiction to the Gilmore Girls. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t, its a trap, or do, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. The wit and brilliant writing makes it difficult to turn off.

So, kindness, hmm, seems to be something not many people are willing to offer. How many times have any of us turned down an offer to go for a drink or a meal because of lack of cash flow. You see, kindness doesn’t need a cash flow unless you want to go big and donate money to a Wildlife Fund or an Orphanage which in all fairness helps more than saying a small kind word to someone who really isn’t having the best day, but not everyone is in a situation that allows for that.

A couple of years ago, I was driving back from university, before I dropped out. Just as I was coming out of Pretoria CBD, the gears in my car seemed to be in the wrong places, 1st gear was no longer where it should have been and it felt as if 5th gear had taken its place. Anyone ever tried pulling off in 5th gear? So here I am, in the middle of an intersection with my car moving at a very slow pace, there was a slight downhill and my car seemed to roll forward and eventually I was out of the way. Every single car that was so inconvenienced by having to maneuver a little to go around me had some rude gesture or some horrid words to say to me because I added a couple more seconds to their time before they could rush to the standstill traffic on the highway. No one had any idea what was happening and I felt like I really needed a sign on my back window saying “sorry, car trouble” as if that would have changed their response.

We are so quick to hurl rude or harsh words to people if they slightly inconvenience us that we don’t realize that everyone has their own storm that they are dealing with and by  being a horrible human being, you aren’t making their situation any better. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t realize how much a simple smile or an “are you okay” can change. It will take roughly the same amount of time to say a kind word rather than something harsh.

If someones doesn’t earn as much money as you or have the same materialistic things as you, it in no way makes them any less of a person. They deserve to be treated with the same respect you would treat the manager of a company. They deserve a simple “how are you?” or even a “thank you” , or “can I help you with anything” is a good one. you never know, you may just make their day. The warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone or making them smile feels pretty darn good.

There are plenty of ways that one can show a small amount of kindness without having to pay a cent, in case you are having trouble thinking of a way to be kind, here are a couple ways:

  1. Write a note to someone, complimenting or thanking them.
  2. Offer to help someone with anything they’re busy with.
  3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter for humans or animals. ( a lot of animal shelters let you take the abandoned dogs for a stroll, they even have events for it).
  4. Donate the items in your home you no longer use.
  5. Encourage people who are doing their best.
  6. BE KIND TO YOURSELF, say something nice about yourself every now and then.

Being kind is easy if we just stop for a second and put that tiny bit of effort in and realize we are all going through something, you’re not the only one having a bad day.

Lets all spread kindness and good vibes.


Author: memyselfandkayley

Medic living and working in the UAE. always keen for any adventure life throws my way. I have a passion for helping people and spreading kindness. Amateur blogger and wannabe photographer. Mildly crazy cat lady.

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